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Anti-scam and anti-fraud pre-buying protection service

If you are going to purchase from a merchant auction or website not being a certified member of the Fair Trade Authority, you still can be protected: ask us before buying and within 24 hours we will tell you if it is safe buying from that merchant or auctioneer.
  • Fill in the form beside with the name of the merchant that you want to make business with and with the URL of their website.
  • Click on Buy Now and complete the payment process. You will be charged only $1.95 (USD).
  • Within 24 hours from your payment (or your money back) we will get back to you with a detailed report about the merchant that you want to make business with, telling you if it is safe or not to give your money to them and why.

How our investigation work

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When we receive the name and the URL of the merchant that you want to make business with, we immediately start our investigation and we will check (also, but not only):
  • The merchant website, including their terms and conditions, payment system security, privacy policy, identity, address and eventual contact numbers (we will try to keep in touch with them, yes!), customer support system and capabilities, the market they operate within (we will make a products/services comparison about features and prices with similar products/services offered by reliable competitors in the same market).
  • The merchant business history in terms of complaints and possible past scams and frauds.
  • The validity of any possible license or governments permission or authorization that that merchant might need in order to run their business.
Within 24 hours from your investigation request, we will send you back a detailed report with all the results of our investigation and with our judgement on how safe is to purchase from that merchant, using the following criteria:
  • Safe - the merchant looks ok and follows common sense and rules when running the business and dealing with customers.
  • Risky - we have found a few things that might cause you some disappointment and unsatisfaction, eventually, with your purchase at that merchant website: if you can find what you are looking for at a different merchant, we would suggest you to do so.
  • Unsafe - we would recommend you not to buy from this merchant, as chances are that you will be scammed.
This will give you the necessary peace of mind for your purchases on the Net and will drastically reduce the risk of scams and frauds, when buying online, for only $1.95 (USD). This little amount of money helps us to cover a little part of the expenses involved in the investigation. We know that time is important, when it comes to buy online, and therefore we will send you the investigation results within 24 hours or your money back.


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