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Consumers Code of Ethics

The following is a code of ethics that Fair Trade Authority encourages for consumers to embrace, as a business or/and a transaction are fair when both counterparts agree to uphold the principle of fair play.
Fair Trade Authority will protect its members who are victims of a clear breach of any part of this consumers code of ethics.
  • Consumers shall read carefully ANY parts of the merchant's website/auctions before purchasing any products/services, in order to be perfectly aware of any aspects and possible consequences involved in the transaction.
  • Consumers shall not at any time defame or/and libel, post and/or publish abusive content with the intent of deliberately attacking a merchant reputation.
  • Consumers shall not initiate a Credit Card dispute if they have received what stated on the merchant's website/auctions and in case of services/software if the merchant clearly stated, prior the transaction, that no-refund was offered for the provided services: when you know what you buy and you receive what you have bought, it is unethical to force the money back in your pockets just because you have changed your mind, so, think before you buy!
  • Consumers shall contact the merchant's customer support service and working pro-actively together with the merchant, before initiating any dispute: dissatisfaction in first instance, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are dealing with a merchant who is trying to rip you off; in other words, give him a chance to fix his eventual mistake.
  • Consumers shall give the merchant the time to answer their support requests and/or concerns about a certain bought product/service. Please bare in mind that a merchant and his associates also have a private life like you, they need to sleep like you and they have to eat like you, and that you are probably not the only customer that they have to deal with: therefore, sending a support request or complaining about a purchased product/service and pretending to get an answer or/and a solution within minutes is not a right of yours, not even if the merchant has a 24/7 customer support policy.
  • Consumers shall provide correct personal information, when ordering, and promptly let the merchant know of any changes of their personal data, especially their contact information so that the merchant could communicate with the consumer in a timely manner, in case of customer support issues.
  • Consumers shall not hold the merchant responsible for misuse and/or poor knowledge of the bought product/service.
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