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Consumer: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do i need to register and pay a fee for benefiting from the Fair Trade Authority consumer protection?

  • No. You are automatically protected, as a consumer, when you make business with a merchant/auctioneer FTA-verified and showing the FTA seal. However, if you want to be protected also with no FTA members, either you suggest them to apply for a membership or you apply for a Gold consumer membership, taking advantage of our pre-buying protection services.
  • Can i still file a complaint against a merchant who is not verified by the Fair Trade Authority?

  • Yes. However, we are not bound to take any action against that merchant, nor to assist you or provide any mediation or initiate any disputes, but at our sole dicretion. In any case, you are not entitled to any protection by our side.
  • What is the difference between a consumer and an Gold consumer?

  • A Gold consumer gets the chance to benefit from the FTA consumer protection also when doing business with no FTA verified merchants: click here for more info.
  • I don't have a Gold Consumer account: can i still get pre-buying protection on a case-by-case basis?

  • Yes, you can!. You can order a single pre-buying protection unit for only $1.95 (USD) and within 24 hours we will tell you if it is safe to order from that particular merchant, and, if not, we will tell you why.
  • What happens when i file a complaint against a FTA verified merchant?

  • We investigate your complaint and open a dispute, mediating it. If we find that your complaint is justified and the FTA verified merchant is in breach of the merchant code of ethics and he does not commit himself to a fair resolution of the dispute, we cancel his membership and we give you all the support we can in terms of consultation in additional appropriate actions to take against that merchant.
  • How does the up to $300 purchases protection against fraud and scam work?

  • It is very simple: if you make business with a FTA verified merchant or with any merchants on the Net (if you are a Gold consumer and if that transaction has been previously authorized by us, as per the pre-buying protection scheme), if, in case of a legitimate legal action, we are not able to support your position giving the local authorities the real identity of the merchant/auctioneer, we will pay you $300 or the amount that you have been scammed for (whatever is the lowest).
  • Do you protect me also against offline scams/frauds?

  • No. All the Fair Trade Authority services are applied ONLY to Internet transactions.


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