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Your continued donations keep Fair Trade Authority running!

The Fair Trade Authority has the goal of spreading an ideal of ethical business all over the net and to bring together consumers and merchants who believe in this ideal. Meeting this goal through the maintenance, development and distribution of free content and free tools, Fair Trade Authority relies almost completely on public donations to run its web-based projects.

All of our sites are free from advertisements. Visitors are not charged to read or use our content and tools. We rely almost entirely on donations to fund our projects and services. Our only fee-based service is the pre-buying protection charged at $1.95 per application.

How your donation will help

Our unprecedented growth in traffic and content requires regular hardware updates to prevent outages without sacrificing functionality. Other outgoings include bandwidth costs, rackspace within a colocation center, purchase of new web sites domain names, sponsorship of specific software development tasks (we have just released an effective anti-phishing application, distributed absolutely for free, and we are working on new versions and new consumers' protection tools), huge telephone expenses (due to our merchants verification process and defrauded consumers interviews) and, occasionally, travel expenses.

The FTA also requires funding to continue its pioneering role in raising Internet business standards. In addition, we are pursuing grants to fund the distribution of FTA content to many different countries, in their own language. Every donation can make a big difference. If you have any questions regarding donations or the Fair Trade Authority, please contact us.


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