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FTA Neutrality
The FTA does not take sides in a dispute. The FTA works to facilitate communication between the merchant and the consumer, to help both sides come to a satisfactory resolution to the complaint. However, the FTA reserves the rights to take action against any of its members involved in the dispute in the case of a clear breach of the FTA code of ethics, resulting with the immediate cancellation of the membership.
Additionally, both FTA members and non-members involved in a dipute may be added to the FTA blacklists, in the case of a clear breach of the FTA codes of ethics: the FTA decision cannot be challenged.
In many cases, dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration, may be available to help resolving the dispute. A successfully resolved dispute shall not affect any of the parts involved, in terms of reputation and none of the parts involved in a dispute shall make the dispute itself public, neither while the dispute is in "being" nor afterwards, whatever is the end of the dispute.
FTA will not tolerate any attempt of defamation and/or libels towards any of the parts involved in a dispute by its counterpart, made under the name, brand, trademark of the Fair Trade Authority and its associates.
To make it short: "winning" a dispute does not authorize you to defame the counterpart and to attempt to diminish their reputation.

Complaints FTA Handles
Fair Trade Authority accepts complaints meeting the following criteria:

  • The complaint is from a customer, or the customer's authorized representative, of the company complained against.
  • The complaint alleges a problem experienced with the services or products that the company provided or agreed to provide.
  • The complaint is not in litigation and has not been resolved by a previous court action, arbitration, or settlement between the parties
  • The complaint contains no abusive or/and defaming language.
  • The complaint relates to an Internet transaction issue.

Complaints FTA Does Not Handle
Fair Trade Authority does not accept complaints about the following:

  • Employer/employee disputes.
  • Complaints against individuals who are not engaged in a business.
  • Complaints that are just based on the consumer's dissatisfaction with a company's prices: if you pay "x" dollars for a product/service and then you find the same product/service on sale for "x-1" dollars you have no reasons for complaining.
  • Complaints submitted anonymously.
  • Complaints in clear breach of the FTA Consumer's Code of Ethics.


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