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   We need your help Scam: The Letter by the Scammers

The following is a letter that the administrator from sent to their members after running with an estimated 300,000USD. It is quite well explained, here, how an autosurf scam works.
To all the members of,
These of you that thinks we can be caught or you can complain the autorithy from us,its better to give up because it is not possible to catch us.Only we know who we are - but it isn't possible for someone else to know who really operates the program. From the beggning our plan was to protect ourselves if the program fall. Here is the plan which does not allows us to do a risk:

First we have phone cards with numbers + 359 885 363155 / +359 885 363154 which can't be tracked and they are anonymous.It is like buying an ice cream from the shop (no names, no information at all!)

The adress listed in our whois information is not real and we are from Plovdiv.

We operated the program from PC clubs and it's anonymous again , we just come in the club , pay for hour , two , ten and we sit down on the PC and work.

We used stollen documents to confirm ourselves in the TAS newsletter and Intgold , stormpay ... (we made few unreal letters for TAS as attorney letters , bank statements with unreal signs and seals and stamps made from us .... we paid one kid to rent a postal box again with stollen documents to get our anonymous debit cards and the stormpay - netiba letters.

With the anonymous debit cards we took some money for us , the cards are on funny names because the company gcard doesn't ask for confirmation and even if do it we have the stollen documents of Aleksandar .... 50% from the ATM machines here doesn't have cameras - we used such ATMs (my partner is working in bank) and it is impossible someone to see our faces :)

No matter the faces ,the goverment doesn't have system to catch us via the faces :) It's really funny and it isn't USA, be sure :P Third world rulzzz!!!!!!

In short : we have not given our names anywhere ,noone have seen our faces , we didn't operate from homes (we are going to buy homes later - we don't have such now ) We are living in hotels right now.

GCIDealing LTD - isn't real company ofcourse!

We paid for the hosting and the other things via e-gold.

We can't process refunds or payouts.

I wish you good luck with your next programs and before investing please make your own DD and do it good or you can easily loose.

Sasho - my name isn't Sasho :) my name is Great :P
gcisurf manager "

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