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"Scam Exposed: - June the 6th 2006

This time we want to show you the results on an investigation conducted about requested by a consumer who applied for our pre-buying protection plan. Our investigation suggests that is certainly not a safe place where to make business and shows how sophisticated scammers work. If you were interested to apply for our pre-buying protection plan, you can do so visiting our Consumer Protection Plans page.

Back to, here is the report resulting from our investigation.

Merchant Website:
Investigation Result: NOT SAFE TO BUY
Weak points: They accept only Western Union payments from outside the UK, Credit Card payment form from the UK states the false, use of misleading content.

Results Explanation:
Despite the website has fair, clear terms and conditions and privacy policies, well shown contact information, with names and tel numbers and it is professionally designed and developed, our investigation shows that it is not a reliable eCommerce merchant. In fact we were not able to keep in touch with anybody, during business hours, at the numbers provided: in 6 attempts at different times of the day, we have always got an answering machine, not even answering on behalf of

If you have a look at, you can see that they claim to show you their offices in Manchester and London, in real time: the one in London, particularly, shows 8/10 people most of the time, working in a large, corporate-like enviroment, but still nobody picks up the phone. It is also rather bizarre that a wholesale online merchant employed 10 people to process online orders, but could not afford someone answering the phone, or at least a pre-recorded message on behalf of the company. The real-time-refreshing camera thing is an old trick used by professional scammers to let you believe that they are for real.

Finally, the main thing that should keep you away from that website is their payment system:
if you are not a UK customer, you can pay ONLY via Western Union. Western Union is commonly used by online scammers because the receiver of the money is not trackable, once they've received the money.

If you see a merchant online asking you to pay via Western union, chances are that you are going to be scammed.

But the professional touch comes when you state to be a UK customer; you can try this by yourself:
goto , start ordering an item, checkout, fill the form with any data you want, choose UNITED KINGDOM as country; you will be redirected to pay via Credit Card with WorldPay (stop there, don't go any don't want to complete your order); WorldPay is a very reputable payment system, but have a look at what you are really ordering, in there: not that ipod or that beautiful huge tv, but

E-commerce Integration
Description Order #535207 (
Amount US$1,238.00

Is E-commerce Integration what you really wanted to buy? We doubt so!
Chances are that after your order you will receive via post a piece of crappy software worth a few dollars and giving you the chance to add a shopping cart to your website.

The scam picture is final when you have a look at their domain name registration information:
The domain name has been registered on the 27th of february 2006; but still, on their website, they claim to have been online since 2005 (look at the copyright statement on the foot of each page). Also notice that they claim to have been awarded by Cnet, mySimon and other reputable organizations with some sorts of certifications: From our investigation they don't seem to be certified at all by those organizations.

Suggested Actions to Take Before Ordering: DO NOT ORDER


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