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Local Authorities

Here you can find a list of authorities and organizations devoted to investigate and shut down scammers, scams and fraudolent activities.
You can also file a complaint here at FTA, if it is about a website or an auctioneer: File a Complaint.

Type of Authority
Uk Police
Here you can find any police station in the UK, for reporting fraudolent activities.
Usa Cops
Find your nearest police station in the United States.
Canadian Police
Find any police station in Canada if you need to report any fraudolent activity in that region.
Australian Local Police
All the local police stations for reporting fraudolent activities.
Peru - Ministry of Justice
Peru - Ministry of Justice. Website is in Spanish.
Austrian Gendarmerie
Official site for the Austrian Police. Website is in German.
German Polizei
Official site for the German Police. Website is in German.
Italian Polizia
Official site for the Italian Police. Website is in Italian.
French Police
Find any police station in France. Website is in French.
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