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Merchant: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the process for becoming a FTA verified merchant?

  • Click on Merchants: REGISTER on our homepage or at the top of this page and fill the questionnaire in, providing your login and personal data correctly and opting for the right type of account (either merchant or auctioneer). You will then receive an email with a link to validate your email address. When you have validated your email address, we will cross-check your personal data and we will verify them. When your identity has been verified, you will be contacted by one of our representitives, your account will be fully activated and you will be able to retrieve your personal FTA seal to be shown on your website/auctions, fully benefiting from your FTA membership.
  • How much does it cost to become a FTA verified merchant?

  • Nothing. To become a verified FTA merchant is 100% costless to you.
  • I feel that you are offering a great service and i want to contribute to keep the FTA alive: what can i do?

  • All of our sites are free from advertisements. Visitors are not charged to read or use our content and tools. We rely almost entirely on donations to fund our projects and services. If you want to help us to stay alive, you can make a donation.
  • What is the difference between a merchant and an auctioneer account?

  • A merchant account applies to a website, an auctioneer account applies to an eBay seller ID.
  • Can i use my membership for all my websites/auctions?

  • No, you cannot. Each validated membership is related and bound to only one website or auctioneer ID; if you apply for a merchant account for you can use our seal only on that website, you agree to stick to our merchant code of ethics in any business activity involving that website and you get merchant protection only for that website. If you own several websites and want to be a FTA verified merchant for more than one web site, you need to apply for as many memberships as the number of websites involved. The same thing applies to auctioneer accounts: if you sell on eBay under different auctioneer IDs, you cannot show our seal on auctions made under a name which is different from the one you have been verified for.
  • I am not a FTA verified merchant/auctioneer: can i still benefit from your merchant protection services?

  • No. We do offer our merchant protection services only to our members.
  • I do not agree with your merchant code of ethics, entirely, and i don't want any thirdy party telling me how to conduct my business: can i still benefit from your merchant protection services?

  • No. In fact you cannot even become a FTA member if you do not agree with our merchant code of ethics entirely. We do not tell you how to conduct your business: we ask you to respect consumers' rights.
  • I am a verified FTA merchant/auctioneer: can i use the FTA seal on my correspondence, in order to reassure my customers and let people know that i am a fair player in business?

  • Yes, you can use the FTA seal on both your paper and electronic correspondence as long as you are a FTA verified merchant/auctioneer; however, you can use it ONLY on correspondence where the content clearly and directly relates to the business that you have registered with us: if you are a verified merchant for, for example, you cannot use the seal on correspondence promoting another websites of yours called
  • Can i cancel my membership at any time?

  • Yes you can, according to the modifications section on our Universal Terms of Service.


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