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Merchant Protection

When you become a member of the Fair Trade Authority, you not only can increase your sales significantly, but you also decrease your expenses and losses in dealing with consumers and buyers complaints and issues and avoid the hassles of devastating libels and defamation against your business. To become a verified FTA merchant is 100% free.
Merchants (website owners and auctioneers) verified by the Fair Trade Authority experience all the following and much more:
  • Defamation and libels protection

  • Do not fear for unscrupulous consumers anymore: we know that unfair players reside also among consumers and we will protect you against them. Consumers buying at your website/auction showing our seal agree to our Consumer Code of Ethics: if a consumer will post libels and defamation against you, around the Net, we will work with you side by side in order to have it removed and to prosecute that unfair action and the person who commit it. So, you never risk to see your hard work vanified by bad, unfair advertising through search engines, bulletin boards, forums, blogs, etc.
  • Support and mediation against unfair charge-back requests

  • If you have delivered what has been ordered, it is unfair to receive a credit card dispute: you have worked hard and spent time and money in order to fulfill a transaction and after some time an unscrupulous buyer decides that just because he doesn't need your goods/services anymore, or because he has changed his mind, he can dispute that transaction with his Credit Card company. Buying means taking a responsibility exactly like selling: if you will have unfair CC charge backs, we will help you disputing it successfully, bringing evidence to the Credit Card company and mediating with the consumer.
  • Access to our black-listed consumers database: because we know that scammers are also on the other side

  • Protect yourself knowing in advance to whom you are selling your goods/services. We have set up the first list of scamming consumers on the Net and we update it daily. When you are a member, any time you get an order, just have a look at our list: if a recipient on the list matches with the one on your order, you better make yourself a favour and cancel the order, before you just find yourself into a nightmare.
  • Consultation and support in appropriate actions to take against unfair business-reputation attacks

  • Having a dispute with a client about a transaction, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are a scam or fraud artist, and therefore it doesn't entitle the counterpart to attack your business reputation in any way: if this is the case, we will take appropriate action to defend you and your business reputation.
  • Global protection under the name of the Fair Trade Authority

  • Verified FTA merchants can use their personal FTA seal on any electronic support, including emails in order to let their customers (or potential ones) know that they play fairly with consumers but also that consumers are going to have to play fairly with them.
  • Be sure that your winning bidders are going to pay your auctioned items

  • Auctioneers can request the Fair Trade Authority to contact those winning bidders who do not want to pay anymore for a won item, if the auctioneer has honored his claims and has played fairly.
Becoming a FTA verified merchant, you protect your business against unscrupulous consumers, you give fair business players the confidence to buy from you and you contribute to make the Internet a better place: Become a member now.


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