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Merchants Code of Ethics

  • FTA members agree to make accurate claims to their customers.
  • FTA members agree to provide a real address and telephone number or email address, either on their website/auctions or through the Fair Trade Authority, to their customers.
  • FTA members agree to fulfill and honor any guarantees they offer promptly.
  • FTA members agree to promote and protect their customers' privacy.
  • FTA members agree to answer their customers support requests within 3 business days, when addressed to the correct, deputed support email address/form on their website/auctions.
  • If closed for holidays or force majeure clauses, FTA members agree to clearly state that on their website and to setup an autoresponder on their support email, clearly stating the timeframe and the reason for closing.
  • FTA members agree to answer politely any customer support requests, avoiding abusive language and threatens.
  • FTA members agree to ensure that illustrations of prices, values and benefits are clear and fair, and contain appropriate disclosure of amounts that are not guaranteed.
  • FTA members agree to offer and honor a money back guarantee or a product replacement guarantee for any NOT-WORKING or DAMAGED-PRIOR-SHIPPING material goods.
  • FTA members agree to refund money or replace a defective product within 7 (seven) business days from receiving the defective goods back, if the goods are received before the gurantee expires. If no replacement is available and if the consumer does not agree to wait for a similar good to be available, the FTA member agrees to give a refund, less shipping fees.
  • FTA members selling services and/or software agree to deliver exactly what promised and claimed and to further work in order to fulfill their claims and promises, if necessary, at no additional costs for the consumer.
  • FTA members agree not to misuse data, using personal information for any different purpose from the one they were obtained for, without consent.
  • FTA members agree to carry on the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in their business.
  • FTA members agree not to mislead and/or deceive consumers with under-priced products/services coming with over-priced shipping fees: selling on auction an iPOD for only $0.99 and adding $190 of shipping fees is misleading, unethical, ridiculous and dishonest.
  • FTA members agree to use underwriting techniques that are sound and fair
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