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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 Issue 10, June 2006   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 10  
  • Google Co-op Tools For FairTradeAuthority.com

  • The FTA Relies On Your Donations

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    Make sure to include shipping costs, and shipping options, when you sell online, even if they are equal to zero. Often, consumers, give for granted that you are going to deliver now and for free; it is really important that you state so, if so, or that you state differently, if different: consumers' confidence will raise if they will receive what they have paid for exactly when expected, with no surprises on shipping charges.

    Place unidentifiable passwords on all of your accounts -- your credit card, bank and phone accounts. Avoid using easily available information such as your motherís maiden name, your birth date, the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) or your phone number, or a series of consecutive numbers.
    Google Co-op Tool For FairTradeAuthority.com
    Free improved Google search results for your online protection against scams and frauds.
    by FTA Development Team

    What is it?
    Google Co-op is an opt-in service that lets its members cooperate in improving Google search results.

    FairTradeAuthority.com is happy to be one of the first data providers for Google Co-op network. We hope you will find our additions to google search results useful once you subscribe to our extended links.

    What are the benefits?
    • You can avoid an extra step of retrieving FairTradeAUthority.com from bookmarks by searching right from Google.
    • You can easily search FairTradeAuthority.com from your desktop hotkey or from your search toolbar if you use them.
    • For online protection, news about the latest scams, online safety warning reports, black-listed merchants, FTA certified merchants, you can get information right on Google search results page, without visiting FairTradeAuthority.com at all (even though we'd of course love you to visit us).
    • IT IS FREE.
    • You tell us what else you would like to be able to do. We love to hear your comments!
    How does it work?
    Once you subscribe, when you search for some specific queries on Google you will see an additional informational block above the regular search results that we provide through Google Co-op project. Note that subscribing to FairTradeAuthority.com's feed does not alter your search results in any other way. You can always ignore, delete or turn off the subscribed link in the search results.

    Here are queries we support:

    scam ###
    When you start your query with 'scam' we show you relevant information about a certain online business being a scam, if any. If that online business following the word 'scam' is a merchant member of the Fair tarde Authority, you will instead be shown a link stating that it is safe to buy from that merchant and redirecting you to the member status at the Fair Trade Authority website.
    Example: scam keydigital.co.uk

    free anti-phishing protection
    When you do a search containing the word 'phishing' we try to show you the best relevant information related to your search, with free software, reports, warnings and news for your protection against this Internet plague.
    Example: phishing

    any queries
    Merchants verified by the Fair Trade Authority will be connected with two keywords relevant to their business. Consumers searching for those keywords on Google will be shown a link to the related merchants member status page on the FTA website. This will ensure great exposure for the merchant and the possibility for the consumer to be addressed to reliable, honest and reputable merchants to make business with, from their Google searches. The following example will return a link to the member status page of www.salehoo.com at the Fair Trade Authority website, indicating that that merchant, who sells wholesale distributors information, is a FTA verified member who accepts and follows the FTA code of ethics for merchants, trading online fairly.
    Example: wholesale distributors

    Please note, that all example queries above will only work once you subscribe to FairTradeAuthority.com's Co-op feed at Google.


    The FTA Relies On Your Donations
    And your continued donations keep the FTA running!
    by FTA Admin

    The Fair Trade Authority has the goal of spreading an ideal of ethical business all over the net and to bring together consumers and merchants who believe in this ideal. Meeting this goal through the maintenance, development and distribution of free content and free tools, Fair Trade Authority relies almost completely on public donations to run its web-based projects.

    All of our sites are free from advertisements. Visitors are not charged to read or use our content and tools. We rely almost entirely on donations to fund our projects and services. Our only fee-based service is the pre-buying protection charged at $1.95 per application, which barely covers the telephone expenses of each application.
    If you felt like contributing to the cause of fair business, you can donate to the Fair Trade Authority, clicking on the link below: even a single dollar can make the difference!. Other ways to contribute to keep the FTA alive are spreading the word about the FTA, linking back and contributing to our discussion forums. Just keep on using our free services and tools and enjoying them, as long as they last, is good as well!

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