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Thursday, June 15, 2006 Issue 9, June 2006   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 9  
  • Scam Exposed: MoreThanTraffic.com

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    Scam Exposed: MoreThanTraffic.com
    Scams and consumer alerts.
    by FTA Consumer Team

    Here are the results of an investigation about MoreThanTraffic.com requested by a consumer who applied for our pre-buying protection plan. Our investigation suggests that MoreThanTraffic.com is certainly not a safe place where to make business and shows how sophisticated scammers work. If you were interested to apply for our pre-buying protection plan, you can do so visiting our Consumer Protection Plans page.

    Back to MoreThanTraffic.com, here is the report resulting from our investigation.

    Merchant Website: morethantraffic.com
    Investigation Result: NOT SAFE TO BUY
    Weak points: They state the false on their website; no office at Harrow; automated telephone contact; no money back guarantee if they don't deliver what you pay for; connected to two other known scams; use of false names and bogus numbers in domain registration; they accept only form of payments which are not reversable, in case of a dispute; almost impossible to take them to court, except if over a police investigation and conviction. .

    Results Explanation:
    Scam is an attempt to intentionally mislead a person or persons (known as the "mark") usually with the goal of financial or other gain. We believe that there is enough, below, to call MoreThanTraffic.com a scam.

    1. The domain name MoreThanTraffic.com was registered using bogus telephone numbers: althought this is the case for many many domain names, on the Net, a reputable company or sole trader are supposed to post correct information about their business.

    2. Mail is received via a series of mail drops: this shows the intent to hide the real location and identity of the business. Every business using mail drops and not disclosing their real location and identity shall be considered a risk-scoring business.
    In the specific case of MoreThanTraffic.com the mail dropping is considerably suspicious:
    Their official address is

    Temple House,
    221-225, Station Road,
    HA1 2TH
    United Kingdom
    which is a mail drop. From there, mail seems to be redirected to
    7 Churchyard
    Kent, TN23 1QG
    United Kingdom
    Sister website businesstailor.net has its official address at
    Kingston Upon Thames
    Surrey, KT1 1DN
    United Kingdom
    also a mail drop at Mail Boxes etc.

    3. They are connected to two other scams. Monopolizer.net and Juice Boosted. Same bank account, same e-mail headers and the name Simon Baxter appears in all three scams - however he supposedly used the name Simon Stepsys AKA Simon Baxter in the Monopolizer scam.
    Here is an extract from an email sent by Monopolizer admins in 2005:

    monadmin@monopolizer.com wrote:
    Here is the bank details for payment.

    For a USD conversion table please see:

    Paying by bank transfer will speed up the set-up process of your account
    as we start as soon as the transfer is received.

    Please note you must instruct your bank to pay all transfer charges at
    your side and also add 10GBP to the amount being transfered to pay for
    our bank costs. Sorry about that.

    Please select the correct instructions to suit the country you are
    transferring funds from. I.e. Your home country:

    TRANSFER FROM UK CLIENTS ONLY - See below for other countries

    Please transfer to:

    Bank Account Name: Red Hot Digital [tv.]

    Company Address: 77 Beak Street, London. W1F 9DB

    Domestic Bank Account Number: 02906449

    Sort Code: 72-00-00

    Name of Bank: Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank PLC.
    Bootle, Merseyside, GIR 0AA

    Bank Account Number for European Transfers / IBAN: GB27GIRB72000002906449

    1. Please ensure to instruct your bank to pay all transfer charges.
    2. Only transfer GBP Sterling.
    3. Add 10GBP/$17USD to any transfer to pay for our bank charges.
    4. Use YOUR customer number from your proposal as the reference when
    sending the transfer so we can see where and who it's from.
    The MoreThanTraffic bank account data, as stated at their website, is exactly the same, except for the bank account holder name which is MoreThanTraffic; however, banks do not really care about the holder's name, when it is about receiving money: a bank account is identified by its number and iban code and you can receive money using any names you want.

    4. To date not one person has reported receiving their traffic as promised, forget about the 100,000USD in 4 months time.

    5. Those who dared to complain have received threats either of legal action or more personal threats. The threats of legal action have been posted on several forums, but no further action has been taken to our knowledge.

    6. Recently MoreThanTraffic has been sending out e-mails expressing the urgency of signing up for even more packages at a special rate and it is believed that they are doing this because they are about to disapparate.

    7. They show on their website the PayPal and several Credit Cards logos, but they do not accept and they are not entitled to accept money via such payment systems. A formal complaint has been filed at PayPal.com. An investigation is currently ongoing.

    8. There is no MTT office at

    Temple House
    221-225, Station Road
    HA1 2TH
    United Kingdom
    as we have sent one of our representitives to check. In fact there is only a mailbox, there, as stated above: never give your money to a business using a mailbox and not disclosing their real identity and location. There is a good reason for using a mail drop service and not disclosing your real identity and location: not being tracked and found if you run with the money.

    9. On their contact page at their website they state that you can contact them calling

    0870 26 26 633
    When you call this number there is an automated message inviting you to visit their website; at their website they suggest you to call the 0870 number. No reputable company would use such a business practice with their clients.

    10. We have contacted several of their affiliates and none of them has ever been paid: this also clearly shows that their testimonials on their website are false.

    11. Many accounts with them have been frozen and money not been paid, apparently with no plausible reasons.

    12. The service they claim they can provide is simply not existing: if you knew how to generate 100k per website, per each 4 month period, would you NEED to sell packages? Or, would you be smart and just make money off the advertising on your own sites?
    Think about it. Potentially, having 100,000 clients they should generate 100k x 100k = 10 billions dollars in 4 months, with an automated system, without efforts, with no work: that matches the quarterly revenue of Microsoft Corporation and it is 4 times the net income of Microsoft Corporation.

    13. Their terms and conditions page states that if they fail to provide the traffic and money promised, they will simply continue to advertise your website. This is a common trick used by scammers for protecting themselves from charge back requests: they actually say that they will not deliver what promised an that you accept that they will never do.
    Be aware that, being this well written in their terms and conditions, the local authorities CANNOT initiate any investigation based on your eventual complaints. The only chance you have to protect yourself from being scammed is not to join MoreThanTraffic.com: it may sound funny, but this is exactly what MoreThanTraffic.com say to you in their terms and conditions...

    14. If they can generate enough automated traffic to let you earn 100k in 4 months why do they use google adwords to advertise MoreThanTraffic? Google Adwords costs money any time you click on an ad. It is rather curious that a company promoting and selling a such successful and astonishing automated traffic/sales generator system has to spend money for advertising and promoting the system itself.

    Suggested Actions to Take Before Ordering: DO NOT ORDER

    Click here to read the web version

    Fair Trade Authority Direct Line
    Now you can reach us by the phone
    by FTA Admin

    We have activated a direct telephone line for both merchants and consumers, in order to give customer support and basic advice. This line is generally open from Monday to Friday 1pm-7pm GMT (Greenwich, UK time). There are no automated messages or answering machines, but real people. For this reason, you might find the line busy, if we are already assisting other users, and sometimes we might not be able to answer: as you know, we rely almost entirely on donations and are not able yet to employ one person specifically for answering your calls. However, if you need some advice by the phone, you can call us at the following number and good chances are that we will pick up and try to do our best to help you:
    from the UK: 0870 90 90 60 3
    from outside the UK: +44 870 90 90 60 3
    0870 calls are rated at standard UK national tariffs, no matter where you call from.


    The FTA Relies On Your Donations
    And your continued donations keep the FTA running!
    by FTA Admin

    The Fair Trade Authority has the goal of spreading an ideal of ethical business all over the net and to bring together consumers and merchants who believe in this ideal. Meeting this goal through the maintenance, development and distribution of free content and free tools, Fair Trade Authority relies almost completely on public donations to run its web-based projects.

    All of our sites are free from advertisements. Visitors are not charged to read or use our content and tools. We rely almost entirely on donations to fund our projects and services. Our only fee-based service is the pre-buying protection charged at $1.95 per application, which barely covers the telephone expenses of each application.
    If you felt like contributing to the cause of fair business, you can donate to the Fair Trade Authority, clicking on the link below: even a single dollar can make the difference!. Other ways to contribute to keep the FTA alive are spreading the word about the FTA, linking back and contributing to our discussion forums. Just keep on using our free services and tools and enjoying them, as long as they last, is good as well!

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