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Phishing Detector v.1.0 For OE - Free Anti-phishing Protection

What is Phishing?

Phishing (also known as spoofing) is the act of attempting to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy person or business (most common on the Net are eBay, PayPal, Amazon, Microsoft and many financial institutions) with a real need for such information in a seemingly official electronic notification or message (most often an email, or an instant message). It is a form of social engineering attack. The term phishing comes from the fact that Internet scammers are using increasingly sophisticated lures as they "fish" for userís financial information and password data. Learn more about phishing.

Get Anti-Phishing Protection For Free

Spot phishing and email frauds with the premier free Fair Trade Authority Phishing Detector plug-in for Outlook Express and Outlook. With this Anti-phishing tool you can detect Phishings, Email Frauds and Spoofed emails immediately at your INBOX with one click.

Phish Reports at All-time High in March

Phishing Report
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Phishing Detector v.1.0 is able to recognize phishing emails pretending to come from eBay, PayPal, Amazon, eGold and hundreds of other financial institutions, in a stunning 99% of cases.

Phishing Detector v1.0

How Phishing Detector v.1.0 Works

For installation, follow the instructions that you will receive with the email containing the downloading link, after you have submitted the beside questionnaire.
Once you have installed Phishing Detector v.1.0 on your computer (you might need to reboot it after installation), launch your Outlook Express or Outlook. You will notice a new toolbar with a DETECT button on it. Anytime you receive an email asking you to update or provide your data (financial or personal) clicking on a certain link, do not click on that link! Instead, highlight the message and click on the DETECT button: a little pop-up window will show up telling you if that email is either phishing or not. Keep in mind that if a friend or collegue sends you an email from a spoofed address, the program will recognize that email as phishing as well: your common sense has always the last word in recognizing and avoiding phishing.
Phishing Detector v.1.0 has been tested with phishing emails pretending to come from PayPal, eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, Chase Bank, Internal Revenue Services, lotteries, nigerian scams, and many financial institutions, and it has proven to be effective in the 99% of cases.


Phishing Detector v.1.0 works with Windows 2000, NT and XP (Home and Professional Edition) equipped with: and one of the following:
  • Outlook Express 5.x and above
  • Outlook 2000
  • Outlook 2002
  • Outlook 2003

Installation Instructions

When you receive the email with the downloading link:
  • Make sure that your computer has all the above prerequisites.
  • Click on the link or cut and paste it on your web browser.
  • When the downloading window pops up, click on save.
  • Choose the destination on your hard-drive where you want to save it.
  • Click on OK and wait for the download to be completed.
  • When saved on your computer, double click on the file phish_det_v1_0.exe and follow the installation instructions on screen.
  • When installation is completed, reboot your computer and run Outlook Express or Outlook.

Download The Phishing Detector v.1.0

Please fill out the following survey for processing. All fields are required. After you have summitted the form you will receive an email that will provide the downloading link for your free copy of Phishing Detector, including installation instructions. All information submitted is confidential and will not be sold or exchanged to third parties.


Please, fill in the following questionnaire, in order to download our free Phishing Detector
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Did you know what phishing is and were you aware of the risks involved in answering a phishing email, before you came to this site?


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Have you ever been a victim of identity theft, due to giving away your personal data following a link in a phishing email?


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