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Pre-Buying Consumer Protection

If you buy from a merchant (website or/and auctioneer) who is not a verified FTA merchant, you can still get protection by the Fair Trade Authority; become a Gold FTA Consumer and any time you are going to purchase something online, just ask us before you buy: within 24 hours from your request, we will tell you if it is safe to buy from that merchant, and if we says that it is, you get the same treatment, as a consumer, as you were buying from a verified FTA merchant, and particularly:
  • We verify and guarantee about their identity
  • We guarantee that they are bound to the FTA Merchant Code of Ethics
  • We guarantee their respect and protection of consumer privacy
  • We guarantee their commitment to resolve legitimate consumer complaints promptly
  • We guarantee their commitment to comply with legitimate consumers refund requests
  • Your purchases from that merchant are protected for up to $300 against fraud
  • You will get FREE consultation in additional appropriate actions to take against fraud and scam perpetrated by the merchant
  • We will assist you with any eventual issue with the merchant 24/7 with REAL people taking care of your case
You can apply for a free lifetime membership, if you link back to us or for a paid membership costing you only $19.95 per month, if you don't want to link back to us!
A Consumer Gold membership at the Fair Trade Authority can save you thousands of dollars a year, if you are a regular online buyer: don't risk to lose your money anymore, insure your online purchases!
Become a Gold FTA consumer and leave your fear of being scammed and defrauded online behind you.

New! Now you can also get pre-buying protection on a case-by-case basis: if you have to purchase something online from a merchant and you want to be sure that that merchant is not going to scam you, you can order a single pre-buying protection unit for only $1.95 (USD).

Free Lifetime Membership:

  • Cut and paste the following link code to your website. Note: The link must be placed somewhere on your homepage, in order to qualify for a free lifetime membership.

  • SIGN UP filling the field Consumers, add the word consumer to this field. with the url where you have placed our link on your site.
  • Notice: your account will be activated only once we have verified that you have linked back to us.

    Paid Monthly Membership:

  • SIGN UP filling the field Consumers, add the word consumer to this field. with the word CONSUMER and then pay for your monthly membership, via PayPal.
  • Single Pre-buying Protection Unit:

  • ORDER a single pre-buying protection unit for only $1.95 (USD) and within 24 hours we will get back to you with a detailed report about the merchant that you want to make business with and telling you if it is safe to buy or not.
  • Keep in mind that becoming a Gold FTA Consumer binds you also to a few and simple fair play rules that you can find on our Consumer Code of Ethics

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